Why Sell With Us

15 years, 800+ transactions

Selling a property can be tricky; the market is unexpected and the challenge can be finding an expert who has been through it all. That is where I come in.

Throughout the last 15 years, you can be certain I have faced all kinds of situations in the market and can guarantee I have dealt with challenges like yours before.

With a track record of successfully selling over 800 properties, my extensive experience speaks for itself.


Effective communication and cultural understanding are often overlooked in the real estate market. We are a team that bridges both cultural and language gaps through our fluent English & Chinese, which is crucial during negotiations.

Happy clients often note how they value our understanding of cultures that can communicate in a diverse way.


A genuine connection to the local community can make a significant difference when choosing the right real estate agent. I actively support Manuka School, Unsworth Heights Community House and the SPCA by being a board member, financially and by participating in local events.

Beyond transactions, I care for our neighbourhood and am deeply invested in our community’s well-being.

Social media experts

Ensuring your property gets the right visibility is crucial. We have found that going beyond the typical online portals for sales and leveraging social media is key to reaching all potential buyers – not just the ones actively on specific portals.

This substantial visibility means your property gets the visibility it truly deserves and increases the likelihood of finding the right buyer.

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Honest approach

Trust and honesty are critical when it comes to the sale of your property. There are over 6000 real estate agents in Auckland, but I stand out for my innate honesty. I have been known to tell people that it is not the right time to sell, but to wait a few months to when it will be.

My priority is always what is best for you and your investment – not simply a speedy sale. Partnered with me, you can trust I have your best interests at heart.

Experienced team

Experienced, seasoned professionals in our field, my team consists of only the best. When you choose my team, you are choosing a reliable group of experts who work together to get you the best outcome for the sale of your property.

Local experts

Knowledge is power.
I have sold more properties in your local area than anyone else, so my knowledge of the special things within your neighbourhood is unmatched.

Sharing local hidden gems with potential buyers shows them the extra value of the area and can result in a 5-10% increase in your property’s value! You don’t get voted “Agent of the Year” in our suburb for nothing.

Marketing experts

In the dynamic world of real estate, reaching the right buyers in a cost-effective manner can be a constant challenge. My experienced team understands what works and is continually improving our marketing methods.

Our results show it. With a large audience in both New Zealand and China, we can guarantee a strong strategic marketing approach for your property.